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Welcome to the former palace of Empress Eugenia de Montijo of France, a place where you can live and catch a glimpse of what it was like to live in the palace of the former empress. All architecture and detail imbedded in our 5 star hotel, reflects the luxurious and sophisticated nature of the empress. Whether you're an explorer, entrepreneur, intellectual or artist, this place is uniquely designed for you. Located in the heart of Toledo, we invite you to come and enjoy a vibrant, authentic and lively experience at the palace.

Why book with us?

  • The Hotel, an old palace in the historical center, is located 200 meters from the Cathedral, one of the most important points of interest in the city.
  • Restaurant Library “Federico” represents the authentic local food in an elegant an intimate atmosphere.
  • SPA Club Eugenie’s Bath with health and beauty treatments.
  • Free Wifi, Room service and Bar.


Featured Services:

 Free Wifi

  Spa and Wellness center

  The restaurant Library “Ferderico” representes the authentic local food in an elegant and intimate space

  Room Service

 Rooms for social and business events at the highest level

The Eugenia de Montijo Hotel Autograph Collection was built in the Renaissance Palace where the Empress Eugenia de Montijo lived. This emblematic building located in the historical center of the town, honors the history of Toledo. This hotel was completely renovated in May 2018 and the Hotel has been designed like the classic hotels from the beginning of the 20th century with pieces of decoration such as the stained glass domes that cover the main hall and floors made with marble mosaics. The hotel has preserved archaeological artefacts inside the building such as the three polychromed coffered ceilings (wooden ceilings built with criss-crossed wooden logs) in noble areas. It also keeps part of the walls of visigoths buildings and the remains of the sanitation network which was built during the Roman times inside the Spa. Located in the main hall, and heart of the hotel, guests may order a drink from the bar over which a portrait of the Empress has been placed. We offer many different leisure spaces such as the Mazapán Corner, where you may have some tea with mazapán (a typical spanish pastry). The hotel also offers private lunch facilities at the Dressing, a room decorated with stunning mirrors that recreates the dressing room of the Empress Eugenia. What was once before the turret of the palace has now become the Restaurant Federico, who was the personal designer of the Empress. In this restaurant you will be able to taste local food which has been made with products of the best quality.

A very special historical hotel to welcome you to the great city of Toledo.

The Club of Fitness and Spa from the Eugenia de Montijo Hotel Autograph Collection is unique in the city. It comes with a great variety of health and beauty treatments such as: massages, oil wrappings, etc…All this with the fascinating fact that we integrate elements of the old Roman hydraulic system as well as the different mozarabic walls.

Moreover, the Eugenia de Montijo Autograph Collection Hotel is the perfect place to organize important business events due to its category, facilities, equipment and above all because of its privileged location and proximity to the historical centre of Toledo.

Eugenia de Montijo Autograph Collection

Pza. Del Juego de Pelota, nº 7
45002 Toledo