Eugenia de Montijo was born on the 5th of May in Granada, Spain as a earthquake shook the city. This marks the beginning of a woman who lived a very remarkable life. 27 years later she was going to become the last empress of France. Her mother was very eager for her daughter to find an honorable man ro marry. Little did she know that this man would be the Prince of France - Napoleon the 3rd. When Louis Napoleon first saw Eugenia, he was dazzled and their love for each other was declared in the beatiful cathedral - Notre Dame in Paris, France the 30th of January 1853. At the time it was very unusally for royals to marry someone who wasn't of royal standards. This did not stop them even thought the big controversial it was. Togeher they had a son called Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte.

During her whole life, she used her position as empress to shine light on injustices in society. such as the inequality between men and women. She stood up and gave a voice for women when women needed it the most. This is just one of the reasons we can proudly call ourself Eugenia De Montijo!



She quickly won the people's hearts as the new empress of French and faithfully performed the duties of an empress. With this, came a lot of traveling and public appearances which meant constant outfit changes. She expressed her life in spectacular gowns and dressed of haute couture designed by the biggest fashion names at the time. Luckily the fashion industry in Paris was booming during mid 1800-centery. The empress worked among other with trunk maker Monsieur Louis Vuitton, that was just starting to make a name out of himself. She asked him not only to design a bag for her but also filling it, "packing the most beatiful clothes in an exquisite way" to borrow her words exactly.



Eugenia de Montijo's life was not only filled with a bunch of high spots; the empress was met with a lot of hardships throughout her life. Her beloved husband and only son unfortunately died. Her husband in surgery at 65 years old, leaving her a widow for the next part of her life. She lost her son , only 22 years old to the hands of the zulus in South Africa where he was serving with the Brittish army. The life of Eugenia is one that many would call "old-style romanticism", it has also inspired screen players, books and even astronomers! As a curiosity, Asteroid 45 Eugenia, discovered in 1857, was named in her honor. As you can see, she was a women that left her mark on her era. We invite you to be a part of it.