We want you to join us on the historical journey of the empress's life in detail. That is why you will find this lamp, specially designed to symbolize the mirinaque which is placed in the rooms of the hotel. It is a stiff and structured petticoat designed to hold out the heavy dresses that the empress was wearing.


Eugenia’s favorite color was typical tiffany blue, called the robin egg blue color. This is of course not unnoticed at the hotel. The tables, as well as other areas of the hotel have been designed and ingrained with intricate details. The color is an expression of luxury, prestige and elegance, and it fits perfectly into what we wanted to create and achieve – a timeless and modern yet traditional atmosphere where you are in the focus. 



The brooch was a typical accessory that women used to attach to their garments, often to hold them closed. During Eugenia's time, they could look very different in design, and size depending on what social class you belonged to. Eugenia as the empress and fashionista that she was, made this pin one of her signums. She wore well embellished and sophisticated brooches and attached them to her garments. The oval shaped lamps located in our restaurant – Federico, are inspired and designed after the empress's typical brooch.

As empress, Eugenia was a very popular person with a lot of influence on both social and political decisions. Her life was on the other hand filled with hardships, both her husband and her only son died tragically way before her. The front desk in the lobby represents the fact that the reality of life can be rather unexpected at times. The black and white symbolize both the positive accomplishments that she made, as well as the devastating events that she experienced throughout her life. Even through times of turmoil, she never gave up and continued to fight for the injustices in society. She leaves us with a beautiful message that life will never be perfect, but it is how we react to those hardships that matters the most.