With the renovation of this hotel we wanted to value part of the history of this building and at the same time that of the city of Toledo. Through the renovation and updating of the Palace of the Empress Eugenia de Montijo until it became the hotel that it is today, and where we hope you will feel at home.
A building that breathes history in every corner. During the rehabilitation works were found remains of the different periods that have been put in value so that they can be enjoyed today. Among these remains mention some of special historical value such as polychrome coffered ceiling SXVIII that you may have enjoyed in the reception area, the restaurant and the bar.
We wanted to pay tribute to the one who was the owner of the house during the 19th century, the Empress Eugenia de Montijo. A woman born in Spain and who became Empress of France to marry Napoleon III. A woman with a fascinating life that lived the maximum apogee in Paris during the reign of her husband. After this era of brightness, she overcame the death of her husband and son, as well as her exile to France, but despite this, this didnt stop her from being positive and committed until the end of her days.
Some passages of his life is what we wanted to reflect through the different hotel rooms.


The reception is presided by a portrait of the Empress. She welcomes us. When you are at the reception do not forget to look up. A polychrome coffered ceiling of the SXVIII belonging to the former palace of the Empress will welcome you during the Check In.


A fantastic handmade lamp and some golden showcases give way to Central Lobby.


A unique space that represents the golden age of the Empress, her marriage to Napoleon, her social life. A large stained glass dome presides over the Lobby. Marble floors and a large bar presided by the great portrait of the Empress brought to our days presides over the space where you can sit down to talk, work or sit at our bar to take one of the house specialties, the Gin Tonic 3C or the Cocktail Eugenie. The heart of the hotel.


Charles Frederich Worth is considered the father of haute couture and was the designer of the Empress. Federico is the name of the Hotel Abacería Restaurant. The menu offers high quality local food in a space, intimate, cozy and very particular. Do not forget to try the more traditional dishes of the Toledana cuisine such as our Perdiz stew or something more innovative like the La Riviere mussels with Funky Chips.


We call it the dressing room because it represents the dressing room of the Empress. Rich fabrics, mirrors and accessories decorate the dressing room.


On the -1 floor is our Spa. A space of relaxation and beauty. With two separate areas, a water area with hammam, sauna, jet pool and hot beds and another treatment area. You can book a circuit in the water area or a facial or body treatment, massage with stones or... Have you ever tried a four-hand massage?


The sweet corner of the hotel. You really do not want a Toledo marzipan made 100% almonds? And a classic French macaron? Do you know that the macaron also has as its main base the almond?
During your stay, we will always be at your disposal and we will be happy to solve any doubt or question that may arise; help you with the reservation of shows, ticket management or tourist information of Toledo and surroundings